Dragon Equestrian RSQP



Joanne Robinson

Veterinary Pharmacist (RSQP)

We are very proud to have an extremely knowledgeable veterinary pharmacist (RSQP) here at Dragon Equestrian. Joanne has over 25 years experience of equine and companion animal care and has been an RSQP since 2008, the highest achievable status. An RSQP can provide medicines for all categories of species, such as farm animals,(food producing and non-food producing), equines, companion animals and avians. A veterinary pharmacist and can prescribe and supply veterinary medicines under regulations set out by the VMD – Veterinary Medicines Directorate and must remain registered with their governing body, AMTRA – Animal Medicine Training and Regulatory Authority.

There are approximately 7000 SQPs in the UK and they are experts in parasitology. To qualify as a veterinary pharmacist, a person must undertake relevant training and pass examinations approved by AMTRA and also pass a viva (oral exam). Once qualified, they must achieve a minimum level of accredited Compulsary Professional Development (CPD) points each year, in order to remain registered with AMTRA . Just like vets, they must also attend seminars, complete quizzes and watch webinars in order to obtain their CPD points and to keep up to date with current legislation, best practice and new medicinal products. This enables them to give professional, unbiased, informative advice and to prescribe the appropriate product for the problem.

It is the duty of a veterinary pharmacist to ensure that the statutory requirements in respect of the prescription and/or supply of certain veterinary medicines are respected, advising on choice of medicine and their safe and effective use. The pharmacist is responsible for ensuring this irrespective of how the product is supplied, e.g. supply from a registered retail premises, postal supply, from a website, etc. This is why they must obtain as much information as possible from an owner before prescribing.


Jo was a finalist in the Equine SQP of the year category at the 2017 National SQP Awards held at the prestigious Conrad Hotel in Westminster. She was one of just two finalists chosen from all the Equine SQP’s across the whole of the UK.


She was also featured in their ‘Over the counter’ magazine and awarded with a Commendation certificate for her efforts to educate horse owners about responsible worming over the last 25 years.

Jo is extremely passionate about the health of all animals and specialises in Equine health due to her love of horses. She strives to promote responsible worming practices and to highlight that the use of FEC and Saliva test kits and blood tests are paramount in the prevention of resistance to anthelmintics (wormers).